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Capitol in Chains:
54 Days of the Doghouse Blues

Read Dogs Deserve Better's Happy Ending Rescue Stories of Chained and Penned Dogs!

The Good Newz Rehab Center
"The Lucky Ones" 14-minute documentary
released February 2014

Read the media release here

Dogs Deserve Better, Inc., and the Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs are excited to release a 14-minute documentary showcasing our facility and acclaimed rehabilitation success with rescued chained, abused, and penned dogs.

The Smithfield, VA, site is former home to NFL quarterback Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. The film profiles the transition from a house of animal horrors to an elegant estate focused on restoring the dignity of mistreated dogs and preparing them for successful adoption into loving families.

Tamira Thayne, founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, states "Here at DDB we all feel passionately about these dogs, and transforming their lives from a hellish existence on a chain to a bright new future with loving new homes and families is our number one goal. We were excited about the chance to showcase our work for abused dogs, and we are thrilled with the results of our collaboration. We want to thank the Orpheus Connection and Margery Gallow for the opportunity and the final product, which is currently available online and will soon be available in DVD as well."

The documentary was written, directed, and sponsored by Margery Gallow, chair of the Orpheus Connection, a Boston-based not-for-profit gift fund, which supports and develops programs for charitable organizations addressing the needs of children and animals at risk. Dogs Deserve Better and Good Newz friends, family, donors, and interested parties may view the video entitled "GOOD NEWZ: The Lucky Ones" at METRO Productions of Hampton, Richmond, and Alexandria served as producers.


Dogs Deserve Better moved to Smithfield, Virginia in 2011 to open the Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs. We are located at the site of Michael Vick's former Bad Newz Kennels, transforming it daily to a rescue home for chained dogs. Wanna hear the GREAT NEWS? Thanks to two bequests, we have paid off the facility and grounds, and are now seeking dedicated funding to build our state-of-the-art facility, but first a wing onto the existing structure so we can help more dogs now. Be part of this Great Adventure today!

View the New White Vinyl Fencing we have Installed

Our immediate and current goal is to raise $200,000 to build an addition onto the current small facility to double the number of dogs we can help at any given time to 25. If you can support this effort as a major donor, please call us 757-357-9292. Your support is so much needed and appreciated for the rescued chained dogs.


Critical Need at the Good Newz Rehab Center:
Dog Care Sponsors!

Monthly Care Sponsorships

We know most of you would love to spend even one hour a month caring for the dogs at our Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, Virginia, but it's not logistically possible for you. But, with your monthly sponsor donation, you can know that someone is caring for them in your stead for one hour or more per month.

Here at our center, we train, vet, care for, love, and find inside homes and families for dogs from many different states—as long as they come from a chained or penned or hoarding situation, which is our mission. We've cared for dogs from as far away as Arkansas and from all nearby states to include Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Tenessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Sherri gets ready to feed the dogs. They are always eager to help with breakfast!

Our dogs are cared for daily by one full time staff member and one part time staff member. While we love our volunteers, it's just not possible for them to make the level of commitment required, as our dogs must have personal care for 13.5 hours each day. (Volunteers do provide much-needed training, socialization, and help on a daily basis. You are always welcome and appreciated.)

Chained and penned dogs come to us filthy, having never been to a vet, and having no idea how to socialize with people or other dogs, nor do they have any obedience training or house training. In short, they are a lot of work! But we are dedicated to their care and to readying them for a new, inside, loving home and family daily.

365 days a year. (Dog care knows no holidays.)

We also bring in a highly intuitive behavioral therapist two days a week, who works with both our dogs and our staff to train us in caring for the individual needs of each dog. Unfortunately, the amount needed each month is more than is coming in. We are in grave need of ongoing, monthly commitments from supporters who want the best for our rescue dogs and can help us cover 405 hours a month (13.5 hours a day) of care and training for our rescued dogs. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Dogs are excited for their morning walk.
They get two walks in the field per day with our caretakers, who walk
three small groups twice a day, offleash in a seven acre, fenced area.

Our dog behaviorist Amy Hines works with dogs in group
to increase socialization around high-risk behaviors
such as treat, toy, and food resource guarding
to ensure their best chance of success in a new home and family.

Visit our facebook page to see all the latest photos of the dogs in our care. We post photo albums twice a week of dogs playing and getting the training and care they need and deserve.

1/2 Hour Dog Care Sponsorship Per Month $10.00

1 Hour Dog Care Sponsorship Per Month $20.00

1 Hour Dog Training Sponsorship Per Month $22.50

2 Hours Dog Care Sponsorship Per Month $40.00

2.5 Hours Dog Care Sponsorship Per Month $50.00

3.5 Hours Dog Care Sponsorship Per Month $70.00

5 Hours Dog Care Sponsorship Per Month $100.00

Please call to sponsor an even greater number of care hours per month.
We are happy to take your care sponsorship order or monthly donation order
over the phone using AmEx, MC, or Visa at 757-357-9292,
staff is usually available Monday-Friday 9-5

Dogs of Good Newz: West Virginia Dog Leaves
Chain Behind for Life of a 'Real' Dog

 Dogs of Good Newz:
Hounddog Anthony Thanks DDB Donors

Not just Good Newz, but Great Newz!


DDB hangs our first American flag,
the true symbol of freedom, from a WWII vet



Here's an early look at preliminary plans for our dream facility. Together we can make this a reality for our dogs! Architectural renderings by Tim Treybal.

Good Newz Center

building interior


What we've accomplished since June 2011:

Dogs Deserve Better has done it! We've succeeded in purchasing the former Vick Bad Newz Kennels and paying them off, with your help. There is still so much work to be done, but this is a wonderful first step. Stop, smell the roses, and pat yourselves on the back. We did a great job.

So far, with very little funding but lots of heart, we have accomplished the following: removed carpeting and installed rubber flooring in the socialization room and the doggie bedroom; created three fenced areas behind the house for play and potty breaks; added another set of steps to the back deck and a divider between the two halves; fenced in eight acres so the dogs can RUN on their walks in the field; helped 130 dogs and counting just working from the house while we continue to fundraise; and created an education room with our materials and books for our guests to peruse.

We have paid off both mortgages, purchased the acre next door free and clear, and now own a total of 16 acres plus a 4600 sq. ft. facility. Our next phase of development encompasses building an addition onto the existing facility, then fundraising to build our state-of-the-art facility which will house and train up to 50 formerly chained dogs at a time. We have created a $30,000 Hero Fund to help cover initial vet bills for chained and penned dogs we can't physically help ourselves but are helped by other individuals or rescue groups.

We are also in need of the following items or volunteer help to continue our progress:

• New or gently used washer and dryer. We have gone through 4 of each in the first eight months, and backups are always good to have. We would like to install two more if we have anyone knowledgeable in this who can help us.

• New or in good condition pickup truck to haul fencing and supplies for the dogs and the center. Must be able to pass inspection, please!

• New or used comforters for bedding. (Cut to dogbed size is ideal but we take them all!)

• New or gently used king-size box springs and mattress for bed frame left on the property.

People beds or couches that are in great condition for our volunteer rooms upstairs.

Anything dog related:
Collars (Prefer Martingale Collars)
Dog Food; prefer grain free when possible
Dog Treats
Kuranda Beds
Bush Hog for our large field
Wire Cutters
Hack Saw
All donations are tax-deductible.

Address: 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, Va. 23430

View it on video 


Donate Today!

Want to be part of the amazing solution for a property that formerly held only pain and suffering? Donate or volunteer today!

Don't like to donate online? Feel free to call us at 757-357-9292 to donate over the phone using Visa, MasterCard or AmEx, or mail checks or money orders to DDB, 1915 Moonlight Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430.

Vick's Bad Newz Kennels Sheds and Kennels, which DDB will turn into a memorial where all will be welcome to come and see how they lived and leave prayers and love to all who died here and all who still suffer in dogfighting rings.

Acquisition of the Center has Gotten a LOT of National Media Attention to Date. Below are Some Early Links:

Dogs Deserve Better Turns
Michael Vick Bad Newz Kennels, Good

Dogs Deserve Better closes on Vick house

Good Newz Kennels Will Bring Tail-Wagging Happiness

Good Newz about Vick's old house

Mike Vick’s Dog Home Bought
Philly Eagles' QB “Bad Newz Kennels”
is purchased for good

Whatever happened to...
Michael Vick's dogfighting compound?

Nightmare to hope: Vick's house transformed

Animal-rights group buys Vick’s
old “Bad Newz Kennels” house

Animal group buys former Vick dogfighting compound

Vick's former home to become an animal sanctuary
Pennsylvania-based animal rights group is close to closing on property

Animal-rights group buying former Vick house

Animal-rights group says it has down payment
for Surry property used in Vick dogfighting

Michael Vick's Old Home To Be Dog Shelter

Michael Vick's dog fighting house to be
transformed into dog rescue

Vick's former home to become an animal sanctuary
Pennsylvania-based animal rights group is close to closing on property

Non-profit gets loan approval for
Michael Vick’s old property

PA group wins bid to turn Bad Newz Kennels
into dog rehab center

Animal group will close on Michael Vick's
Surry property soon

Vick's Old House Going To Dogs After All

Dogs Deserve Better Turns Michael Vick
Bad Newz Kennels, Good

Dog lovers launch fundraiser to buy
former dog fighting facility

Bad Newz Kennels May Become Good Newz Rehab

Central Bark, Oswego Business Community
Helping Animal Group in Need

Candice Bergen Helps Dogs Deserve Better

Dog Rescue Group Wants To Spread ‘The Good Newz’

Celebrity donates towards Good Newz Kennel
for Dogs Deserve Better

Animal Charity Seeks to Buy Former Michael Vick House

Animal-Rights Group Won’t Buy Vick Compound, For Now
(Please donate. We are NOT done yet!!)

Group falls short to buy Vick house
(Um, once again, NOT DONE TRYING!)

Pennsylvania animal rights group falls short of cash
to buy Michael Vick's former dogfighting compound

(Note: Not done trying!)

Dog charity seeks to buy Vick home

Michael Vick’s former Bad Newz Kennels
could become haven for rescued dogs

Deadline is near for dog advocacy group to buy
Vick's former property in Surry County

Buying Vick's house for animal rehab is this
woman's mission

Group wants to turn Vick's Bad Newz Kennels
into a good place for dogs

Michael Vick Should

Vick's dogfighting property could
become animal sanctuary

Should Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels
Be Turned into a Rehab Center?

Dog group eyes former Vick estate

Dogs Deserve Better Considers
Former Vick Property for Animal Sanctuary

Vick's Dogfight Compound to Become Rehab Center?

Vick house could become animal center

Group seeks to buy Vick dog fighting property

Animal rights group seeks to buy Vick’s home

Michael Vick's House Bought by Animal Rescue Group -
Oh My!
(Note, the house wasn't bought,
but the article is good anyway)

Could Michael Vick's old dog fighting home
become animal sanctuary?

Non-profit seeks to convert Michael Vick’s
former home into sanctuary

From Torture To Sanctuary:
Non-Profit Seeks To Convert Michael Vick’s Old House

Dog Advocacy Group Raising Funds To
Buy Michael Vick's Former Real Estate

Some church members oppose
formation of Good Newz Kennels
(Should be Rehab Center...Note: We received a VERY nice note from a church deacon saying this man does not speak for the church, and they have nothing against DDB coming there. We have pledged in return to be good neighbors.)

The Michael Vick Canine Sanctuary?
Dogs Deserve Better

Home of Michael Vick to Be Turned to Animal Sanctuary

Neighbors oppose animal center

Dogs Deserve Better: Giving a Good Name
to Bad Newz Kennels


The Importance of Membership

Please join today, and ask your family and friends to join, too.
Together we can show the world that we expect chaining to end!

Supporting Memberships

Yes, I want to be a supporting member of the Dogs Deserve Better team! Here is my annual donation to help rescue and shelter needy chained and penned dogs, as well as to educate the public and push toward legislative efforts to protect these dogs.

Student Annual Membership $15.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card and our Quarterly Newsletter

Senior Annual Membership $15.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card and our Quarterly Newsletter

Silver Annual Membership $25.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card,
our Quarterly Newsletter and a Bumper Sticker

Gold Annual Membership $50.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card, our Quarterly Newsletter,
a Bumper Sticker, and two Posters

Platinum Annual Membership $100.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card, our Quarterly Newsletter,
a Bumper Sticker and a Dogs Deserve Better T-Shirt

T-Shirt Size

Diamond Annual Membership $500.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card, our Quarterly Newsletter,
a Car Magnet and a Dogs Deserve Better T-Shirt

T-Shirt Size

Benefactor Annual Membership $1000.00*
You'll Receive a Membership Card, our Quarterly Newsletter,
a Car Magnet, Certificate, and a Dogs Deserve Better T-Shirt

T-Shirt Size

Printable Membership form in .pdf


We can now accept donations over the phone
using a major credit card at 757.357.9292

If you'd like to donate via regular USPS mail, you may print out this
form in .pdf format, and send to 1915 Moonlight Rd. Smithfield, VA 23430



Buy Dining Certificates to Benefit the Center: Get a $100 Restaurant Certificate for $20, Benefits the DDB Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs by clicking here.

The following dogs want to say a big THANK YOU for supporting the Good Newz Rehab Center. During the first 2.5 years, we were able to help 110 formerly chained or penned dogs!

Media Release: 3/10/13
Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. pays off Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs


Anthony, a skeletal dog from a pen just up the road from the Rehab Center




Cowboy, formerly chained in Western Virginia


Darla, chained by a cop in NY


Ebby lived in a pen with her son Riley in PA


George, an old hunting dog who ended up at a high kill shelter


Hef, our first local chained rescue


Jada, thrown from a moving car


Lilly came all the way from a chain in Oklahoma, the Good Newz Rehab Center was her last chance


Polly was from a hoarder in MO


Riley came from a PA pen with his mother Ebby


Rose came from a chain in Western Virginia


Rose's sister Storm, from the same rescue


Shawnee came from an abusive situation


Chance was chained, then abandoned in a home in SC


Spotty was abandoned with Chance, above


Copper came off a chain in TN


Hunter was chained in PA


Luca came from a chain in Western Virginia


Sloan was living chained in PA


Clicky came from a pen in PA


Lucy was from a home foreclosure
where she lived mostly penned


Emma was from a home foreclosure in VA where she lived mostly penned


Beautiful 9-year-old Nala used to live inside but then was put out and hurt herself trying to get out of the pen


Adorable Baylee lived in the same pen with Nala


Kenna came from a chain in Ohio, where her owners told the vet not to bother spaying her, because she'd die of heartworm anyway


Sweet Sierra came from a Missouri chain, where she was forced to have litter after litter of puppies

Lindsay and Eva

Lindsay and Eva were living together outside in a crate in Virginia before being given to up DDB


Bandit and his brother Raith spent their lives in a basement before coming to the center


Raith and his brother Bandit spent every single day of their lives in a basement before finding help


Bernard and his yardmate Rue were chained in North Carolina before coming to the center


Rue and Bernard were chained in bad conditions in the mountains of North Carolina


Willow was a stray dumped or lost hunting dog wandering on our road all winter before someone brought her to us


Woody spent his life in an Indiana pen, and then didn't do well in his foster home, so he came to us at the center.


Marley, a puppy of a chained dog, came over from Missouri